Stephanie Slayton

Executive Director

Stephanie earned her Masters Degree in Social Work from Colorado State University and has worked in schools and non-profit organizations throughout her entire career. Stephanie sees safe, affordable housing as a place people can call home while they work on the next step of their lives and that drives her in her role as Executive Director of Aspire 3D every day.

Aspire 3D is a great fit for me because our approach of partnering with our clients and learning from them as we build programs means I get to learn new things each day. The people I meet inspire me to try something new or look at a problem in a different way. The best part of my work, though, is when I know that someone who has been struggling for a long time finally finds the right path, with the right resources, and the right support network. I feel so fortunate to get to be a small part of that every day.

Star Lapoehn

Family Navigator, Orchard Place

With a B.S. in Human Rehabilitative Services, Star aspires to be a beacon of hope for those served at Aspire 3D. Star’s role is to partner with families to help connect them to the resources they want and need and to provide assistance with questions they may have about community programs and services.

I am passionate about working with families because I believe in the capability of human beings. Families are powerful in our lives and it’s important to me to link arms with them to elevate their quality of life.

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Darlene Bassetti

Navigator, Silver Leaf & Mirasol Communities

Darlene has a Bachelors Degree in Biology Animal Behavior. She has worked with the Loveland Housing Authority for the past five years in the Disaster Recovery Program. In her role at Aspire 3D, Darlene aspires to be honest, accurate and genuine as she builds relationships with some of our most important community members.

I feel that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness so the most trusting and vulnerable of us, who sometimes don’t speak out, are valued and honored. I love getting to visit with the residents, laugh with them and have them share their stories with me. I love being around animals and getting to know and love on their pets, makes my day! The residents have made me feel very welcome and I look forward to planning events and activities for us all to learn from and enjoy.

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GeriAnna Echelberger 

Navigator, VIP Program at The Edge Community

GeriAnna has a B.A. in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. She is currently 2 classes away from receiving her CAC (Certified Addictions Counselor) II. In her role at Aspire 3D, GeriAnna aspires to foster meaningful relationships with her clients which allows them to work together to maximize their potential, gain a better understanding of themselves and empower them to obtain future goals.

The individuals I serve, for the most part, have given up a lot in their lives (no matter when their time of services was), and they deserve to be taken care of now. I feel very honored to work with the Veteran population at The Edge and in the community. Accessing resources can be a confusing system, I am thankful they trust me enough to help them walk through it.

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Cheryl Brinker 

Navigator, VIVE Program at Mirasol

Cheryl was born in Detroit and moved to Fort Collins 39 years ago. She has 28 years working as Event and Volunteer Director for older adult communities.  Cheryl comes to Aspire 3D with a wealth of experience working with older adults. Her passions are refinishing furniture, card making, and in the summer, kayaking.

My love of working with older adults stems form having the “best grandma” in the world!  My goal is to keep older adults happy, healthy and independent for as long as possible.

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